My bedroom in Verona, Italy


Things are changing, with new possibilities on the horizon. My time in Verona has come to an end, and to preserve some of my memories of Verona I decided to take some photos of my bedroom. It's not often that you document the places that you have lived in, and so I hope these photos will bring back fond memories in the years to come.    
 While living here I tried to grow a few plants, as Verona is a very different climate than the UK I found it very difficult at first and several plants died from too much sunlight. But I eventually managed to keep them alive and they are flourishing. 
These are my favourite pillow cases by the very talented illustrator Jenni Desmond. 
 My little desk from IKEA for painting and drawing.

 A snapshot of my jewelry collection. 
My room is rented and it came with very old Italian furniture, something I originally hated but grew to like. Outside there is a lovely balcony where you can see the room tops of buildings and sometimes hear the music from the Arena. 

I shall miss my little room in Verona and I shall miss Verona itself, it has been a beautiful city to live in and wonderful place to experience Italian life. 

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