Christmas at home


Blogs are a funny thing.
I started a blog to showcase my illustrations and show the behind the scenes process of my work. I read a lot more blogs then I post, and I always find it amazing how personal they can become. From the very beginning of creating this blog I decided that I didn't like reading mass paragraphs on peoples blogs, often they are interesting but I don't have time to read them and prefer looking at the work or photographs. Therefore I decided to write only short sentences, if any at all in my own posts. I've also, on the whole, kept the posts strictly about my work.
However, I'm considering taking a new direction with my blog posts. Perhaps showing more of my life, purchases, style, etc.
We'll see...

Above are some photographs of christmas at my parents house, the tree, my cat and my beautifully cross-stitched stocking by my aunt. It's nice to document things like this.

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