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During September I volunteered at the Museum of Everything #4 exhibition in Selfridges on Oxford Street. It was an incredible experience, being able to examine the artwork more thoroughly then just looking around the exhibition once, meeting people who are really enthusiastic about the work and working with people from all different backgrounds of the art world.
The Museum of Everything exhibits artwork made by Outsider artists aka Art Brut. These are artists who are untrained; they've never been to art school and produce artwork for themselves, not for a client or gallery. I have been fascinated and in awe of this type of artwork since visiting New York's American Folk Art Museum and discovering the artwork of Henry Darger, an artist whose work I wrote my university dissertation on. I have visited most of the MofE's exhibitions, mainly the ones in Primrose Hill. This exhibition was different from previous as it represented the artwork of lesser known artists, from around the world.
The Museum of Everything presents CEC La Hesse from The Museum of Everything on Vimeo.
Surprisingly when I watched the videos of the artists I recognised the people in the CEC La Hesse video! During my Erasmus exchange at university my Illustration class from Sint Lucas Gent visited CEC La Hesse for a few days in Vielsalm and we were able to work alongside the artists while they produced their work. Unfortunately I was not able to communicate well with them (besides many Bonjours) as I don't speak French. But the atmosphere and facilities were wonderful and a inspiring environment for any creative person.
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The exhibition finishes on Tuesday, but there is a #4.5 exhibition of Judith Scott's work that I'm hoping to volunteer at that continues into November.

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