Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hello! I'm back!

I had a little look at this blog a few days ago and was shocked to see that the last post I made almost two years ago!!! 

So I think it's about time to recharge my blogging skills and get back to trying to make this blog a fun place to show my work. I thought I'd start by writing a little bit about me. I am always super interested in other bloggers back stories, and so I'm going to try to give a small insight into my life and my work. 

I graduated from the University for Creative Arts in Illustration, after my graduation I set up my Etsy shop. I got really into print making in my last year of university and did a short letterpress internship in London. This was where I created the first covers for my Moon, Star and Planets book. After illustrating I putting them up in my shop they became my most popular products, particularly the Star book. I am really happy with my shop, but I really want to start making more new products and pushing my talents further.  So watch this space!

While at university I had an amazing opportunity to do the Erasmus program and lived in Gent, Belgium for 6 months. This experience gave me a passion for exploring other countries and after university I lived in France for 9 months and currently I am living in the North of Italy working as an English teacher. I'm living in the most wonderful surroundings which I hope I will also be able to reflect in my work in the near future.

So that's me! If you'd like to see more of my work have a look at my Instagram or Etsy shop.

The illustration is supposed to be a self portrait, I'm not completely pleased with it but I'm just getting back into painting.